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Working performance test method automobile shock absorber bearing manufacturer you have a chat

2020-06-25 18:43:08

The automobile test bench is mainly used for the test of automobile damping device: working performance, the test methods include empirical method, compression method compression method.

There are three detection methods for seismic test-bed.

1. The empirical method is a kind of artificial appearance inspection method. The automobile shock absorber bearing mainly inspects whether the spring of the shock absorber has cracks, the connecting bolts of the spring guide device are loose, the damper has oil leakage, oil leakage damage.

2. The method of pressing the body can be manual pressing the body, the test amount can be used to press the body. Press the body up down to observe the work of the shock absorber shock absorber assembly determine whether it is necessary to replace repair the shock absorber experience his part.

3. The automobile test-bed can quickly detect diagnose the performance of the device, the automobile plane bearing can be quantitatively analyzed. According to the different types of actuators, they can be divided into drop type resonant type. According to the different test parameters, the root of resonance damper can be divided into force measurement displacement measurement. Structure test method of seismic test station

1. Working principle of seismic device test-bed

(1) Drop shock absorber test bed

In the test, the car is raised to a certain height through the lifting device, then the support mechanism is suddenly released, the car falls the top.

Because of the vibration. The vibration amplitude of vehicle body is measured by measuring device pressure sensor to measure the impact pressure of wheel on the platform surface, to measure the amplitude of wheel, to evaluate the performance of automobile shock absorber after pressure analysis.

(2) Resonance shock absorber test bed

As shown in Figure 1 (see the figure below, click the zoom display), motor, eccentric wheel, accumulator flywheel spring pass through the test bench. The shock absorber is composed of shock absorber, the shock absorber is stressed on the shock absorber on the test bench test vehicle. After a few seconds, turn off the power to the motor to generate a frequency sweep excitation the energy storage flywheel. Because the frequency of the motor is higher than the natural frequency of the wheel, the frequency scanning excitation process of energy storage flight deceleration can always scan the natural vibration frequency of the wheel, the plane pressure bearing of the vehicle makes the vehicle system on the platform produce resonance. By detecting the vibration curve of force displacement in the process of vibration attenuation after excitation, the frequency attenuation characteristics can be obtained to judge the attenuation.