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Testing method of automobile shock absorber

2020-06-25 20:09:18

During the test, the vehicle is driven to the support platform, the test program is started, the motor drives the eccentric mechanism to make the whole vehicle become a system vibration. After several seconds of stable forced vibration, the power supply of the drive motor is disconnected, then the flywheel is stored, the angular frequency W0 is used as the starting frequency. Because the natural frequency of the wheel on the platform is between W0 0, the sweep frequency excitation of the energy storage flywheel of the domestic shock absorber bearing always makes the single side system resonance. As with disconnecting the power supply of the drive motor, the data waveform are recorded when the sampling test device is started, then analyzed, processed evaluated.

Electronic control unit

The electronic control part of resonance shock absorber test-bed is mainly composed of microcomputer, sensor, advertising converter electromagnetic relay. The control software is the bridge beam between the electronic control part the mechanical part of the shock absorber test-bed. The software only realizes the test process control of the shock absorber test-bed, but also realizes the quantity control of the shock absorber test-bed. According to the analysis processing, the test results are displayed printed.

3. The method of detecting seismic attenuation characteristics with the bearing test-bed of automobile European shock absorber

(1) The size pressure of the tyres shall be of the prescribed value the vehicle shall be free of charge.

(2) Each axle wheel of the vehicle shall be driven to an earthquake test bench to enable the tyre driver in the centre of the ground to leave the vehicle.

(3) Start the test-bed, make the exciter force the vehicle suspension to produce vibration, make the vibration frequency increase to exceed the resonance frequency of vibration.

(4) The resonance point closes the excitation source, reduces the vibration frequency passes through the resonance point.