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Application of high speed precision angular contact ball bearing in motorized spindle

2020-06-26 07:37:25

Angular contact ball bearing often runs at high speed ultra-high speed in motorized spindle, so centrifugal force has a great influence on the running state of bearing. The contact points between steel ball inner outer rings are a B. at high speed, centrifugal force tends to make steel ball move, namely a. When moving to 1b0 to B1, the contact angle of the inner ring will increase the contact angle of the outer ring will decrease. When the steel ball is rolled to a certain degree of sliding, the friction heat generated by the wholesale sliding of plane bearing only increases the temperature rise of the bearing, but also seriously leads to the local annealing of the steel ball surface the increase of wear burn degree. In order to overcome the influence of centrifugal force, angular contact ball bearing is always installed on the spindle. Proper preload can keep the contact angle of the inner outer rings, only prolong the bearing life, but also improve the stiffness of the bearing the spindle.

The high speed tight bearing die can greatly improve the bearing's heat dissipation performance if the bearing is too tight too hard. If the preload is too small, the total stiffness bearing capacity of the spindle will be significantly reduced. If the preload value is enough to overcome the influence of axial force driving force on the spindle, the spindle will produce obvious vibration in the work, obvious vibration will appear on the workpiece surface. If the preload is enough to restrain the gyro torque, the spindle bearing will become hot due to sliding, there are obvious cat eye wear marks on the steel ball surface.

Generally, there are three preloading values: light, medium heavy. However, when used in motorized spindle, the wholesale of shock absorber bearings should be considered according to the load conditions, lubricating oil cooling mode. The selection principle is that the preload is as close to the actual application as possible, the influence of external loading on preloading is considered.

The reasonable support of motorized spindle is two groups of bearings. Considering the assembly process, the front bearing group is the fixed end. For single series bearing groups, the spring group applies preload by pushing forward pulling. For Parallel bearing, if it is universal matching (using equal height pad), the preload should be adjusted according to the height difference between the inner outer cushion. When the axial force is large, the serial type (DT) should be adopted. DF parallel formula can be used for multi-point support the concentricity of front rear holes of bearing is easy to guarantee.