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Shock absorber bearing manufacturer
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Rolling fag bearing advantages of shock absorber bearing manufacturers tell you

2020-06-26 07:41:30
  1. The friction coefficient of rolling block bearing is smaller than that of sliding block bearing, its transmission efficiency is high. The friction coefficient of general sliding bearing is 0.08 ~ 0.12, while that of rolling bearing is only 0.001 ~ 0.005;

  2. 2. The rolling block bearing is standardized, serialized universal, suitable for mass production supply, easy to use maintain;

  3. 3. Rolling block bearing is made of sliding block bearing steel heat treatment. Therefore, forson suspension bearing wholesale rolling block bearing only has higher mechanical properties longer service life, but also can save the cost of sliding block bearing.

  4. 4. Due to the high efficiency low heating capacity of rolling block bearing, the lubricating oil consumption can be reduced the lubrication maintenance can be saved.

  5. 5. The rolling slide bearing can be applied to uranium in any space direction at any time.

  6. 6. The inner clearance of rolling blank bearing is small the machining precision of each part is high. At the same time, the stiffness of aircraft bearing can be improved by preloading. This is very important for precision machinery;

  7. 7. Some rolling block bearings can bear both radial load axial load. Suspension bearing is wholesale, which simplifies the structure of sliding block bearing base;

  8. However, everything is divided into two categories. Rolling block bearing also has some disadvantages, mainly including:

  9. 1. The load bearing capacity of rolling block bearing is far less than that of sliding block bearing with the same radial size; therefore, sliding block bearing is often used in large load, small diameter compact structure.

  10. 2. The vibration noise of rolling block bearing is very large, especially in the later period of use. Therefore, it is difficult to pass the rolling block bearing, the high precision vibration free effect of the sliding block bearing are better.

  11. 3. Rolling block bearing is particularly sensitive to metal sheet other foreign materials. Once foreign materials enter the sliding block bearing, it will produce large vibration noise, cause early damage. In addition, rolling block bearing is also easy to be damaged by metallic inclusions. Even if there is no early damage, the life of rolling block bearing is limited. In short, the life of rolling block bearing is shorter than that of sliding block bearing.

  12. However, compared with the sliding block bearing, the plane pressure bearing wholesale rolling block bearing has its own advantages disadvantages, each has its own application. Therefore, the two can be completely replaced. However, due to the outstanding advantages of the rolling sliding block bearing, the rolling sliding block bearing has become the main support type of machinery, is used more more widely.

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