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Manufacturing process of INA Bearing Parts

2020-06-26 07:53:18

All kinds of contents regulations in the whole process of commodity production, manufacturing processing are fixed in accordance with certain procedures procedures, fixed in the form of documents specifications, thus producing process documents. Process documents can be divided into two types: one is comprehensive process documents, which will unify all the provisions of a commodity in one document, which is concise clear. The plane pressure bearing of automobile is conducive to searching, it is suitable for places with simple product varieties large batch small production. The second is to classify compile process documents according to the technical professional characteristics of commodity production technology, highlight the technical characteristics apply to various commodities.

As a kind of standardized mechanical components, INA Bearing has similar production process except some kinds. Therefore, it is helpful to complete standardization generalization of INA Bearing parts manufacturing process documents.

1. Types of process documents

INA Bearing parts manufacturing process documents can be generally divided into three categories: oriented process documents, management process plane bearing supplier documents large-scale process documents. The oriented processing technology is the basic, the management process document is used to supply manage the necessary raw materials in the whole process of parts production manufacturing, the large-scale process document is used to specifically guide the production manufacturing.

2. Preparation of process documents

The key points include: the sample design plan of the commodity, the wholesale of plane pressure bearing, the national industry standards, product standards, enterprise internal specifications requirements related to commodities, the special requirements clearly put forward by customers, the processing technology, weapons equipment, technical management ability, production scale production layout of the company.

3. Characteristics of process documents

(1) Directive

Process documents are the key policies regulations to ensure product quality, orderly production enterprise management. Once distributed, they must be firmly implemented.

(2) Fundamentality

Process documents are the basis for the company's production manufacturing organization, chemical material supply, quality control economic evaluation, are the basic documents for each department of the company to carry out work.

(3) Enforceability

The process documents only provide precise, detailed, unified standard, but also provide simple easy to understand, simple clear, suitable for general practical application. Therefore, it must have strong enforceability in specific work.

(4) Corporate abstraction

The process documents are formulated according to the specific conditions of the company. Their contents concentrate on the advantages of the company in terms of technology, management methods processing technology, weapons equipment, which can best reflect the overall strength brand image of the company.

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