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Surface quality of NTN deep groove ball bearing

2020-06-26 07:56:22

Under some special operation standard, the service life of deep groove ball bearing is better than traditional calculation, especially under light load. This unique practical operation standard is that when the turning surface (track turnover part) is reasonably separated limited by a lubricating grease film, the surface damage will be caused. In fact, NTN is the ideal service life.

The service life of roller bearing is defined by the speed ( the working hours under a certain speed ratio): the NTN bearing within the service life here shall produce basic fatigue damage (falling off breakage) on all rolling bearing rings overturning bodies. However, no matter in the laboratory experiment in the specific application, it can be seen that the specific service life of the same rolling bearing with the same appearance under the same working standard is quite different. In addition, there are many different definitions of deep groove ball bearing "service life". One of them is the "service life in work". It shows that the specific service life of a rolling bearing before it is destroyed is caused by damage destruction, which is caused by fatigue, but caused by damage, erosion sealing damage.

According to the way of mechanical equipment, the surface of metal material is plastic deformation. Japanese Korean shock absorber bearings are customized to produce high toughness high toughness hard bottom layer. This kind of surface strengthening method is called surface deformation strengthening, also known as cold work hardening. It includes shot blasting, sand blasting, cold extrusion, extrusion molding, cold rolling impact, explosion impact enhancement, etc. The characteristics of this way of deep groove ball bearing are: strengthening the relative density of dislocation, optimizing the sub crystal structure, so as to improve its strength compressive strength, reduce the roughness value, which can significantly improve the surface fatigue limit of parts reduce the sensitivity of fatigue vacancy. The processing technology of this kind of strengthening method is simple, the actual effect of shock absorber Bearing wholesale is remarkable, there is no obvious boundary between the hard bottom layer the base material, the structure is consistent, so it is easy to fall down in the application. Most of them have been used in rolling bearing industrial production: the surface collision strengthening of turnover body is the application of this kind of method, high precision rolling has become a new way of ring production strengthening.

The use of solid change, according to the way of rapid heating to carry out heat treatment on the surface of parts is called surface quenching tempering treatment, also known as induction hardening. It includes flame heating heat treatment, high (medium) frequency electromagnetic induction heating heat treatment, automobile suspension bearing laser heating ion beam heating heat treatment. The characteristics of NTN bearing in this way are: the surface part is heated, the deformation of the workpiece is small; the heating speed is faster, the production manufacturing efficiency is high; the heating time is short, the surface air oxidation carburization is very light. This method is very effective in improving the wear resistance fatigue limit of large, medium large rolling bearing parts bearing certain impact load.