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Introduction of measuring method for several main dimensions of fag bearing

2020-06-26 09:16:13

Many customers don't know how to measure the size of fag bearing. Sometimes even if the size is measured, the one provided to us is accurate. To measure several main dimensions of fag bearing, we must use professional measuring caliper, there are professional measurement methods. Today, FAG bearing official website introduces the measurement methods of several main dimensions of fag bearing.

1. Fag bearing inner diameter

Before measurement, FAG bearing should be assembled according to the regulations the bolts of fag bearing cover should be tightened according to the specified torque. The inner diameter gauge should be used to measure the reference dimension after the outside micrometer is calibrated. The thinning area should be avoided during measurement. The difference between fag bearing inner diameter corresponding journal outer diameter is fit clearance.

2. Coaxiality of main fag bearing bore

The coaxiality error of inner bore of main fag bearing is mainly caused by coaxiality error of bearing hole, while coaxiality error of bearing hole of shock absorber bearing is caused by deformation of cylinder block. When the radial circle runout of the main journal is within the specified tolerance, check the snap in marks of the main journal fag bearing. If the positions of the snap in marks of the main fag bearings are obviously inconsistent, it indicates that the coaxiality error is large. Scraping, boring fag bearing replacing cylinder block can be used to solve the problem. Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure the normal operation of the engine when the bearing of European shock absorber is wholesale.

3. Fit tightness of fag bearing bearing hole

The fit tightness is guaranteed by the free spring opening the height of the remaining surface of fag bearing.

4. Thickness of fag bearing made in Japan

The external micrometer fixed probe is changed plane to spherical surface, the damping plane bearing supplier can measure the thickness of fag bearing. Generally, the thickness of fag bearing should be controlled within the range of 0.005 ~ 0.010 mm, otherwise the inner diameter of fag bearing will be out of tolerance. The fag bearing made in Japan has slight thinning near the opening, which should be paid attention to during measurement.