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How to test the service life of Timken imported bearing

2020-06-26 09:23:56

After the installation of Timken imported bearing is completed, it is necessary to check whether the installation is proper . Small machines can be forced to turn to determine whether the rotation is smooth . The inspection items include poor operation caused by dirty things, scars imprints, unstable torque caused by poor installation poor production processing of mounting base, excessive torque caused by too small side clearance, installation deviation sealing friction. If there is no abnormality, it can start driving force operation. Large machinery can be manually rotated, so the driving force shall be disconnected immediately after the plane pressure bearing is fully loaded started. The mechanical equipment shall be at high speed. Check whether there is vibration, noise contact of rotating parts of bearing manufacturer. After confirming that there is no abnormality, the driving force can be operated. The driving force operation starts the full load low speed gear, slowly increases to the set standard rated value. During the trial operation, check whether there is abnormal sound box, temperature change of Timken bearing manufacturer, leakage discoloration of lubricating fluid. If abnormal, should immediately interrupt the operation, check mechanical equipment, necessary to remove the rolling bearing inspection. In fact, we can refer to Timken bearing manufacturer's reason, condition solution of temperature increase. Generally, the temperature of rolling bearing can be inferred the external temperature of bearing with seat. However, it is more accurate to use the oil inlet to immediately measure the temperature outside the rolling bearing. The temperature of customized rolling bearing for damping plane bearing rises slowly the beginning of operation of American shock absorber bearing supplier, the temperature is stable after 1 ~ 2 hours. If the bearing is installed properly, the temperature will rise greatly abnormal high temperature will be found. The reasons are as follows: too much lubricant, too small bearing clearance, poor installation, excessive friction of sealing equipment, etc. High speed operation places, rolling bearing structure, lubrication method selection is correct so on.

The key of application elements is whether the installation adjustment, application maintenance, maintenance repair meet the technical standards. According to the SKF Bearing installation, application, maintenance maintenance technical standards, the load, speed ratio, operating temperature, vibration, noise lubrication standards undertaken by Timken bearing manufacturers in operation are supervised inspected. In case of any abnormality, the cause shall be searched immediately the adjustment shall be carried out to recover it. The installation standard is one of the main elements in the application elements. The bearing capacity of each part of the whole set of rolling bearing is usually changed due to improper installation. The rolling bearing operates under abnormal conditions ends its service life ahead of schedule

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