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Shock absorber bearing manufacturer
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The quality of the product depends on the essence of the automobile damping plane bearing

2020-06-26 09:26:47

The key of essential factors refers to the three major factors that determine the quality of rolling bearing, such as overall design, manufacturing process quality of raw materials.

The metallurgical industry quality of raw materials of bearing manufacturers was the key factor to damage the initial invalidation of roller bearings. With the development of Metallurgical Technology (such as vacuum pump degassing of 45 steel), the quality of raw materials has been improved. The proportion of raw material quality factors in the failure description of rolling bearings has been significantly reduced. Suspension bearings are wholesale, but it is still one of the key factors affecting the failure of rolling bearings. Whether the material selection is appropriate is still an important factor to be considered in the failure description of rolling bearing.

Timken bearing manufacturers generally have to go through forging, quenching tempering treatment, milling, cutting installation other production processing processes. The rationalization, innovation reliability of each manufacturing process will also harm the service life of rolling bearings. In the process of quenching, tempering cutting, which are harmful to the quality of finished rolling bearings, the customization of plain pressure bearings is usually more immediately related to the invalidity of rolling bearings. In recent years, the research on the surface mildew layer of rolling bearing shows that the cutting process is closely related to the technological performance of rolling bearing.

The key daily task of life analysis of Timken bearing manufacturers is to find out the key factors leading to the invalidity of bearing manufacturers based on a lot of raw materials, analysis data customized invalid methods of European shock absorber bearings, so as to put forward rectification measures purposefully, increase the service life of rolling bearings, prevent sudden initial invalidation of rolling bearings.