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Performance requirements of bearing for high speed wire mill

2020-06-26 09:58:45

High credibility

The most obvious characteristic of high-speed cable production line is the high reliability of extruder in continuous operation. Due to the high production capacity of enterprises with high-speed cable production line, the rolling bearing, as an important component of extrusion press, has higher credibility than that of general rolling mill bearing within the required maintenance period. Therefore, in the design manufacture of high-speed rolling mill bearings, it is necessary to ensure their reliability in continuous operation under high-speed operation standards.

Long fatigue life

The bearing of high speed wire mill is tired its service life is longer. Oil bearing under all normal conditions, the bearing of high-speed rolling mill produced by automobile shock absorption plane bearing overseas shall be used for three years (because the hot-rolled strip steel parts need to be unloaded for maintenance repair, the specific working time is one a half years). Therefore, the customer stipulates that the domestic bearing can be used for at least two years.

The fracture toughness is better

The fracture toughness of bearings of high-speed wire mill is better, especially for rolling bearings used in coarse extrusion press. During the whole process of rolling billet into round bar, the impact load of automobile McPherson suspension bearing is very large. Therefore, the bearing of high speed rolling mill can be cracked in high speed rotation high impact condition.

Generally speaking, the working characteristic of high-speed rolling mill bearing is that the automobile suspension bearing can work steadily reliably under the condition of high-speed rotation high impact, has a long fatigue life.