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Angle contact ball bearing after installation, automobile shock absorber bearing factory tutor you to improve the accuracy

2020-06-26 10:26:09

1. Precision improvement method

After the angular contact ball bearing is installed in the server, if the axial vibration of the spindle bearing is measured, it can be found that the measured value of each revolution has a certain change; when the measurement is carried out continuously, it can be found that after a certain speed, this change will appear again again. The index value to consider this kind of transition level is the rotation precision of the circulation system. Similarly, the rotation speed required by the repeated occurrence of domestic automobile shock absorber bearings means the "quasi periodic time" of the rotation precision of the circulating system. The large value of the numerical transformation in the quasi cycle time is the difference of the rotational precision of the circulation system. For example, if the spindle bearing is preloaded properly in many aspects, the speed ratio will be gradually increased to close to the working transfer speed ratio, so as to promote the "running in period" effect of angular contact ball bearing, which can improve the rotation precision of the main shaft bearing circulation system.

2. A way to improve the precision of angular contact ball bearing

The 6202 / P2 angular contact ball bearing is used for the main shaft bearing in a factory, but its precision still can meet the requirements. The motor shaft is thickened in the back font dovetail guide rail is made on it to replace the inner hole. The bearing steel ball is measured with high precision. Each group of bearing steel balls is separated with a distance close to 120 ° according to the size of each group, because of the automobile European shock absorber In addition, the bending stiffness of the system software of one corner contact ball bearing system is improved. The close fixed distance between the larger three bearing steel balls the least three bearing steel balls is all over the place, which also improves the rotation precision of the shaft. Therefore, the precision requirements of instruments equipment are considered.

3. Comprehensive calibration method of installation precision

After the angular contact ball bearing is installed into the main shaft bearing, the order of checking the installation precision of automobile American shock absorber bearing is as follows (take CNC lathe with shaft diameter of 60-100 mm as an example)

(1) Measure the specifications of shaft angular contact ball bearing seat hole to determine the mutual matching precision of angular contact ball bearing. The mutual matching requirements are as follows. The inner hole shaft adopt transition fit, the interference amount is 0 ~ + 4 μ m (0 under light load high precision);