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Automobile damping plane bearing
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Plain bearing

Plain bearing

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  • Release date:2020-08-01 15:08:43
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TS NO.:TS-097/







Applicable vehicle Name:

Nissan - New Teana 08-13/

Inner diameter: 99 outer diameter: 139.5 height: 34

The automobile shock absorption test-bed is mainly used to test the working characteristics of car anti-skid equipment. There are three kinds of inspection methods: work experience method, light press method shock absorption test-bed measurement method.

1、 The work experience method is based on the way of manual service appearance inspection. The key is to check whether the spring yellow of the shock absorber has cracks, whether the connecting anchor bolts of the spring yellow the guiding equipment are loose, whether the shock absorber is oil leakage, oil shortage damage.

2、 The light press method can only serve the light press car body, repair the plane bearing, but also press the car body with the driving force of the test bench. Gently press to make the body move left right. Observe the working conditions of shock absorbers various components of the shock absorbers of the shock absorbers other components. Based on working experience, it is necessary to replace repair the vibration absorbers other components.

3、 The automobile shock absorption test-bed can quickly detect confirm the working characteristics of shock absorber equipment, carry out qualitative analysis. According to the different excitation modes, the inspection bench of the demand reduction equipment can be divided into falling type common shock type. According to the difference of the main parameters, the test bench can be divided into force measuring type offset measuring type.

(1) Structure test method of shock absorber test bench

1. The principle of the test bench for reducing the ceiling equipment

(1) In the test of falling shock absorber equipment test bench, firstly, according to the plane bearing steel ball lifting equipment, the car slowly rises to a certain height width ratio, then suddenly looses the support point organization, the car falls down to cause free vibration. Use precise measuring equipment to accurately measure the vibration amplitude of the car body, use the liquid level sensor to accurately measure the impact working pressure of the wheel on the cabinet table. After analyzing solving the vibration amplitude working pressure, comment on the working characteristics of the car Chengzhen equipment.



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