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Automobile damping plane bearing
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Shock absorber bearing

Shock absorber bearing

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  • Release date:2020-08-01 14:30:04
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TS NO.:TS-106/

Applicable vehicle Name:

Nissan Qida 2011.05-/

Inner diameter: 89 outer diameter: 124 height: 28/

Safety operation procedures for spring disassembly of shock absorber

1. Check the condition of special damping tools before use

a. Confirm that the fixed connection between the special tool the bracket is normal. .

b. Confirm that the spring clamp is matched with the vehicle model.

c. Confirm that the spring clamp fastening nut is tight.

2. Fix the shock absorber assembly on the special tool.

a. Pre tighten the compression nut to confirm that the elastic sheath the clamp fit tightly.

b. Pay attention to the spring state when tightening the compression nut.

3. Remove the shock absorber mounting nut:

a. Make sure the spring shock absorber rod are free.

b. Make sure the spring clamp are secure. .

c. Remove the nut with the shock absorber nut removal special tool.

4. Install shock absorber:

a. Confirm the installation position of shock absorber, thrust bearing buffer block.

b. Use the shock absorber nut removal special tool to install the nut, confirm that the nut is tight.

c. Loosen the clamp gradually until the spring rib is separated the clamp, correct the installation position of shock absorber, thrust bearing buffer block in time during the process.

5. Key points for attention:


During the whole operation process, the installation operation personnel of plane bearing shall be on both sides of the shock absorber, at both ends of the shock absorber, the work shall be completed in the assembly repair workshop, there shall be no other personnel irrelevant to the work around.



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