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Automobile damping plane bearing
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Plain bearing

Plain bearing

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  • Release date:2020-08-01 15:08:22
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TS NO.:TS-108/



Applicable vehicle Name:

Mazda-m6 2003.04-2016/

Inner diameter: 26 outer diameter: 59 height: 11/

Defect of gas damper

1. The shortcomings of the inflatable shock absorber are that the framework sealing requirements are high, the air blowing processing technology is complex, it is easy to overhaul. When the cylinder liner changes due to the external impact, it can work.

It is suitable for instrumentation, vibration isolation active vibration reduction of medium high frequency rotating machinery equipment. The air spring with vibration damping can be used to reduce the vibration of impact machinery equipment. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of all the above shock absorbers, the provisions of the construction of indoor space the installation method, the rubber shock absorber elastic sheath shock absorber fusion method are generally used for the shock absorption of L-band diagnosis treatment rescue equipment.

1. Vibration isolation of medical equipment, because the indoor space of medical equipment is limited, the bearing shaft of shock absorption plane are made of soft plastic vulcanized rubber. The stiffness vibration between the medical equipment the positioning device can be avoided.

2. The shock absorber of machinery equipment immediately connected to the track shall be selected according to the direction of the bearing on the net plane of the object, the rubber shall be fixed between the track the equipment. For example, ICU bed, stretcher support system software, oxygen generation in the machine, operating platform, storage cabinet, anesthetics, etc.

3. The integrated intelligent management system of medical information, the software of voice communication system, the communication system between the aircraft the road must be selected as part of the shock absorber. According to the details of each necessary shock absorber, the appropriate shock absorber method should be adopted.

4. The shock absorber of the operating table, according to the uniqueness of the operating table, the adjustable vibration damping hydraulic press suspension system is selected.



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