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Automobile damping plane bearing
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Shock absorber bearing

Shock absorber bearing

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  • Release date:2020-08-01 14:29:43
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TS NO.:TS-132






Applicable vehicle Name:

Mitsubishi wing God, outlander, Jinjie, Jinxuan

Inner diameter: 36 outer diameter: 64 height: 8.8

Advantages of hydraulic press damping damper:

1. Good corrosion resistance, austenitic stainless steel plate is selected as key parts, with good corrosion resistance;

2. The structure is compact symmetrical, the installation space is small, the dynamic response is more effective;

3. Large damping coefficient short dynamic response speed

4. Friction control friction resistance is small, generally less than 1% - 2% of rated load;

5. The joint bearing is selected for the top tail ends, the maximum allowable shaking angle is ± 6 °;

6. Unique gear oil sealing material are selected to ensure stable performance long service life;

7. It can work continuously at 93 "C reach 148C in short time


1. It is stipulated that if the sealing is good, there will be oil leakage.

The key application of hydraulic damper is the anti vibration of pipeline machine equipment in chemical plant, thermal power plant, chemical enterprise, smelter, etc. It is common to manipulate destructive

Hydraulic vibration of roller plane bearing (such as shock excitation such as quick closing of main steam valve, valve blowdown, water hammer, broken pipe, etc.) pipeline vibration caused by earthquake disaster; hydraulic damper

For low amplitude high frequency high amplitude low frequency vibration, it is reasonable to operate according to the working principle of plane bearing, so spring shock absorber should be used in this place.



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