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Automobile damping plane bearing
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Plane pressure bearing

Plane pressure bearing

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  • Release date:2020-08-01 15:29:13
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TS NO.:TS-138




Applicable vehicle Name:

Toyota-rav4, avr50, Prius, Highlander 15-18

Inner diameter: 74.8 outer diameter: 146 height: 27.8

Advantages of rubber shock absorber:

(1) It can define the appearance at will control the strength according to the recipe of vulcanized rubber. The requirements of Peugeot plane bearing on bending stiffness compressive strength in each direction can be considered;

(2) The internal friction is large, the shock absorption effect is very good, which is beneficial to crossing the common earthquake area, with high attenuation coefficient, high frequency vibration noise;

(3) Elastic die is much smaller than metal material, which can cause large elastic deformation;

(4) No drag part, easy to maintain;

(5) Small quality, easy installation disassembly.

(6) The impact bending stiffness is higher than that of plain bearing. The replacement of static bending stiffness dynamic bending stiffness is beneficial to impact deformation.


Of course, the frequency relativity is relatively high, the amount of lodging is small, it is very easy to be harmed by the external environment, the characteristics are stable, the service life is short.

Rubber shock absorber can be used in all industrial equipment electronic products.



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