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Automobile damping plane bearing
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Suspension bearing

Suspension bearing

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  • Release date:2020-08-01 15:28:46
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TS NO.:TS-145



Applicable vehicle Name:

Toyota-07 overlord, acr50, 14rav4

Inner diameter: 75 outer diameter: 104.6 height: 13.8

Vulcanized rubber is characterized by elastic cotton state high viscosity state. The ductility of vulcanized rubber is caused by the transformation of its winding molecular structure conformation. The mutual effect of vulcanized rubber molecular structure will hinder the fitness movement of molecular structure chain. The compression force of plane bearing mainly shows viscosity characteristics, so that the in-situ stress strain force are usually in an unbalanced state. The long-chain molecular formula the poor secondary coil force between the molecular structures of vulcanized rubber with plane bearing load make the elastomer exhibit unique viscosity ductility properties, so they have excellent shock absorption, sound insulation noise reduction buffer performance. Vulcanized rubber components are widely used to protect against vibration absorb impact, which is due to its backward, vibration reduction reversible large deformation characteristics. In addition, vulcanized rubber also has the characteristics of hysteresis rolling friction. Their general consumption factors show that the greater the loss factor, the more significant the damping heat generation of rubber, the more significant the actual shock absorption effect. Generally speaking, the rubber shock absorber made of vulcanized rubber also has excellent shock absorption effect.



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