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Shock absorber bearing manufacturer
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The structure of resonance damping device test bench, shock absorber bearing manufacturer will introduce to you

2020-06-25 18:47:22

The resonance shock absorber test-bed is generally composed of mechanical part electric control part.

(1) Mechanical parts

The mechanical part of resonance shock absorber test-bed is composed of two identical vibration systems of automobile suspension bearing, namely box body left right sides.

Each set of vibration system includes upper swing arm, middle swing arm, lower swing arm, supporting surface, vibration spring, driving motor, energy storage flight wheel sensor. One end of the sensor is fixed to the box, the other end of the McPherson suspension bearing is fixed on the table.

Resonance diagram of single wheel structure damper

1-bearing surface; 2-upper swing arm; 3-middle swing arm; 4-lower swing arm; 5-impact spring; 6-drive motor; 7-eccentric inertial structure. Upper arm, middle arm lower arm are installed on the box body through three arm shafts six bearings. The upper middle swing arms the four-bar mechanism with parallelogram on the branches ensure that the up down movement is parallel to the platform keep horizontal all the time. The spring is arranged between the end of the middle swing arm the lower swing arm.

An accumulator flywheel is installed at one end of the shock absorption plane bearing of the driving motor vehicle, a flange is installed at the other end, the flange has an eccentric shaft. The connecting rod end is connected with the eccentric shaft through a bearing, the other end is connected with the lower arm end.