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Shock absorber bearing manufacturer
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Rolling bearing sliding bearing shock absorber bearing manufacturer tells you the difference

2020-06-26 07:49:25

Koyo rolling bearing

Koyo rolling bearing (sliding bearing) is a rolling bearing working under rolling friction. Koyo rolling bearing is stable, reliable noiseless in operation. Under the standard of liquid lubrication, the drag surface of Koyo rolling bearing is separated by grease without direct contact, which can greatly reduce friction damage surface damage, the floating oil also has certain vibration absorption capacity. But the starting friction is very high. The part of the shaft supported by rolling bearing is called motor shaft, the parts matched with motor shaft are called piston pin. In order to improve the friction characteristics of piston pin surface layer, the antifriction raw material layer cast on the surface layer is called rolling bearing liner. The raw materials of piston pin rolling bearing liner are generally called Koyo rolling bearing raw materials. The common raw materials of Koyo rolling bearing include bearing alloy (also called Babbitt alloy white aluminum alloy), wear-resistant pig iron, copper based aluminum based alloy, powder metallurgy raw materials, plastics, vulcanized rubber, mahogany carbon high-purity graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), modified material polyester chip (POM), etc. The application site of Koyo rolling bearing is generally in the working condition standard of low speed light load, the operation position with difficult maintenance grease filling.

Koyo roller bearing is a kind of high-precision mechanical equipment component, which changes the rolling friction between the running shaft the axle seat into rolling friction force, then reduces the friction damage of the plane bearing of Zhejiang automobile. Koyo roller bearing is generally composed of outer side, inner hole, turnover body ball bearing. The function of the inner hole is to match with the shaft rotate with the shaft, the outer function is to cooperate with the bearing with seat to play the supporting point function. The overturning body is symmetrical with the ball bearing, the overturning body is distributed in the middle of the inner ring the outer side. Its appearance size total number immediately endanger the performance index service life of the Koyo roller bearing. The suspension bearing wholesale ball bearing can make the turning body distributed Even, avoid the overturning body falling down, guide the overturning body to turn moisturize properly.

Koyo roller bearing

The application maintenance of Koyo roller bearing is convenient, reliable in operation, good starting characteristics high bearing capacity at medium horizontal speed. Compared with Koyo rolling bearing, Koyo roller bearing has large axial specification, weak damping capacity, low service life at high speed loud noise. The radial bearing (key bearing axial force) in Koyo roller bearing is composed of inner hole, outer side, overturning body overturning ball bearing. The inner hole is tightly sheathed on the motor shaft rotates with the shaft, the outer side is installed in the bearing hole with seat. The internal jugular vein of the inner ring the outer inner circumference are both provided with swallow tail guide rails. When the inner outer rings rotate relative to each other, the overturning body is overturned on the inner outer dovetail guide rails. They are separated by ball bearings to prevent mutual friction. The thrust ball bearing is divided into tightening ring movable ring. The tightening ring of automobile plane bearing is tight with the coupling, the movable ring is supported on the bearing with seat. The ring turnover body are generally made of Koyo roller bearing steel with high compressive strength good wear resistance, the surface strength after heat treatment should reach hrc60-65. Ball bearings to be made of soft steel stamping die, can also choose alloy copper cloth, rubber wood plastic production manufacturing.

Comparison between Koyo rolling bearing Koyo roller bearing

Advantages of Koyo rolling bearing:

1. High friction resistance high output power consumption.

2. It is suitable for mass production, the interchangeability is good, which is conducive to installation, disassembly maintenance.

3. The internal gap is large the machining accuracy is high.

4. The transmission system has the advantages of low efficiency, high calorific value, inconvenient lubrication maintenance consumption of lubricating fluid.

5. Load, speed ratio operating temperature have narrow integration scope, the small change of working condition standard will do great harm to the characteristics of rolling bearing.

6. It is allowed to bear additional axial radial loads.

Advantages of Koyo rolling bearing:

1. The load capacity of the same volume as Koyo roller bearing is much larger.

2. Small vibration noise, applied to high precision, no vibration is allowed.

3. It is easy to cause damage in the morning.