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Production characteristics of fag deep groove ball bearing parts

2020-06-26 09:56:29

Compared with general mechanical parts, FAG bearing parts are short thin rotating surface body, automobile damping plane bearing rotator decides the production processing. The production processing of CNC lathes are relatively single, most of them are CNC lathes CNC grinding machines; the short thin ones determine that the radial bending stiffness is good, the radial deformation can be ignored, the axial bending stiffness is weak, so it is the grasping method in production processing There should be unique considerations.

Although the structure of deep groove ball bearing parts is simple, but the technical standard is very high, so it has the following production processing characteristics:

1. Precision machining

The vast majority of surface layer of fag bearing parts has to go through cutting production processing. Grinding production processing specifications geometric precision are based on μ m, especially the precision of dovetail guide rail turning body of ferrule is higher, which requires ultra deep processing grinding production processing.

2. Multi process flow production processing

Fag bearing parts have high requirements, so there must be many production processes. In general, the production manufacture of rolling bearing of McPherson suspension bearing needs 20-40 processes, more than 70 processes.

3. Forming, production processing

The surface layer of rolling bearing parts is rotary forming surface, which is suitable for production processing by forming method. For example, the forging, rolling turning grinding of the dovetail guide rail of the ferrule are all produced processed by forming NC blade profiled plate.

In addition, most of the rolling bearings are standardized products. The demand for rolling bearings of automobile suspension bearings of the same model specification is very large, so as to improve the main production force, control the cost, guarantee the quality quantity, generally new technology application, improve the level of mechanical automation automation technology. Deep groove ball bearing enterprises generally carry out mass production according to the type, specification type of fag bearing, Even can create the specialized automatic production line the production line to carry on the production manufacture.