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Automobile damping plane bearing
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Plain bearing

Plain bearing

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  • Release date:2020-08-01 15:08:03
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TS NO.:TS-132






Applicable vehicle Name:

Infiniti-jr50, qx4

Mitsubishi Outlander, space vehicle

Nissan - style A32, demeanor A33, demeanor mx6, Fengshen

Inner diameter: 36 outer diameter: 64 height: 8.8

The structure of the oil damper is similar to that of the suction pump. Only the upper part of the steel body of the hydraulic shock absorber is closed, while the gate valve of the plane bearing tester has a small round hole. When the rear tire is damaged by bumping on the ground, the cylinder liner moves upward the liner inside the piston rod moves downward. At this time, the piston gate valve is turned upward, the oil on the left side of the piston rod in the inner liner chamber will flow into the upper part of the piston rod by all friction resistance. In addition, this part of the oil is also injected into the oil chamber between the inner outer cylinder liners according to the small round hole on the bottom gate valve. In this way, the attenuation coefficient is reasonable to deal with the impact load of the car on the convex concave roads. When the wheel turns over the raised road to land, the cylinder liner will follow the downward fitness movement, the piston rod will move up relative to the cylinder liner. When the piston rod moves upward, the gate valve at the bottom of the oil refining opening flows into the inner cylinder liner. In addition, the oil above the piston rod of the inner cylinder liner for plane bearing uses flows into the lower side through a small round hole beside the piston valve. At this time, when the hydraulic oil passes through the small round hole, it will suffer very large friction resistance, which will create a good damping effect, with the purpose of shock absorption.



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